Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Expensive Lemons

The owner of a Los Angeles car dealership is suing Mercedes-Benz, its parent company DaimlerChrysler and other affiliates, alleging that a $1.7 million car purchased in 2004 wouldn't run for more than 10 blocks without problems (see link below).

I bought a car from them as well, and I can't say I'm very happy with it either. I was under the distinct impression that when the brochure said 'wood panel trim' it referred to the inside of the car, not the outside. And I was somewhat surprised to find the horsepower quoted was based on the fact that you actually need to harness horses to it to get it to move. Certainly I can't disagree with the 'environmentally friendly' claim, or the 'plenty of boot room' one. Since the car contains no motor there is certainly a lot of room for storing hay, which admittedly is a lot cheaper than gas currently. Still, I'm not entirely sure that this 'clean green' car is the future.

Expensive lemon
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