Tuesday, October 24, 2006

McStunt Burgers

Have you ever noticed that McDonalds employ stunt, or stand-in, burgers for all their advertising? You look up at the menu board and see those beautiful, pristine burgers with their fancy backlighting, then buy one, unwrap it and say, 'WTF!?'. I witnessed an argument between an old man and a serving wench in McD's one day - he had ordered one of 'those' he said, pointing angrily at the board, and they had given him the wrong thing! The poor wench tried to explain that the Big Mac shown on the board was what he had been served, but how much hope of success have you when they look so different? To demonstrate the point, below is an example: The Big Mac on the left is from the McDonalds web site, and the one on the right is a freshly unwrapped one - look carefully and you may spot slight differences between them… found any differences yet…?

That's right, real Big Macs look nothing like the publicity photos! For starters, consider the size - those stunt burgers look about 5 inches tall, whereas the one above, fresh out of the wrapper, measures just 4.5 cm! I invite you to email your own photos of McD food to me - omfgnotyouagain@hotmail.com - so I can include them here. No rigging the shot… the photo must be taken immediately upon unwrapping the food, and within 5 minutes of purchase. There's no need to cheat to show McDonalds what their food really looks like, so tell it just like it is, and the photos will speak for themselves!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cna uyo rdea sith ko?

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