Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dam Busters Remake

Peter Jackson has his eyes set on remaking the classic war movie The Dam Busters, much to the chagrin of purists who feel the original can never be improved upon. Here at worldweirdweb we've received a leaked copy of the draft screenplay, and are glad to report to you that in essence, the movie remains the same tale of innovation, courage and drama, with only a few minor changes:

The bouncing barrel bombs that Barnes Wallace (who has been renamed to Barney Thomas) invents have been made smaller, and Gibbo (replacing the character of Wing Commander Guy Gibson) carries them to the target in his pockets's's, accompanied by the faithful Pam (it was felt that there needed to be a female lead character to appeal to a wider audience; the original movie had none), and their dog "Polack" (the name of the original dog, "Nigger", no longer being politically correct). The Lancasters are gone, Mr Jackson believing them to be too big, bulky and box-like to appeal to modern audiences. Instead, the heroes travel by foot to the Black Forest in Germany and the Valley of Dinosaurs where they capture a giant pterodactyl and take to the air to bomb the Hoover Dam (Peter Jackson felt that more US locations where needed). On the journey home Gibbo and Pam find out they are a prince and princess, and on arrival back in England are married with full royal pomp and ceremony.

Up-tempo theme music to the remade version
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