Friday, June 23, 2006

Coin Crim

A worker at the Australian Government's mint was sentenced to three years in prison Wednesday for stealing 500 kilograms of coins, valued at more than $AU110,000, over a 10-month period by hiding them in his boots and lunch box. Judge Terry Connolly slammed the mint's lack of security.

I'm not surprised! That's 150 coins in each boot, every working day for almost a year! The photo here shows somewhere between 60 and 80, so we're talking two of these handfuls in each boot! It would make him a minimum of half an inch taller and 2 kilo's heavier every day at knock-off time! What do they use for security at the mint, a book by the exit that says "Please sign here if you've stolen any money at work today?"

What the linked newspaper article doesn't tell you is how he was tumbled in the first place: not by an alert guard at the mint, not by a clever detective, but by a corner shop owner being suspicious that for almost a year he paid for everything he bought with shiny uncirculated two-dollar coins! He should have realised, of course, that in order to steal legally, its not enough to just work for the Government - you have to be elected to Parliament first.

Mint worker gets booted to prison for walking away with coins

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