Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ryan Doubts

I can't believe it. As if its not bad enough that a Tasmanian devil burned down our barn last night and killed over 3,000 of the 15,000 head of cattle we run on our 100 acre property, now a guy from Calgary, Alberta (Canada) calls into question my report of the horrific events of last night, claiming devils don't spin and aren't that big! Well obviously living on the other side of the planet and being an engineer would make you an expert on Tasmanian fauna, Ryan, but to prove the point I include in this post a genuine unedited (I've never even heard of Photoshop anyway) photo of a man being terrorised by a devil in the bush. If you look carefully you can also see the Great Zarquon, Ruler of the Universe, watching, perhaps about to intervene to save this poor mortal? I don't know, it wasn't me that took the photo, it arrived on my desk this morning from the future. According to the accompanying quasi-holographic sticky-note, I needed to post it on my blog to prove that I was right and Ryan wrong, or else the entire fabric of space/time/future/past would come unravelled when Ryan, wearing such a big smile for thinking he was right that he can't properly see where he's going, fails to see a butterfly when he goes for a walk later this afternoon and, stepping on it, alters the future so that eventually the Drrgjni (whoever they are/will be) conquer the Earth Empire and we all become slaves (or so the note said anyway). Perhaps that's why Zarquon is in the photo, to make sure I post it. Anyway, mine is not to reason why. For the sake of all human existence, I've posted the photo. You can thank me later.

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