Saturday, June 17, 2006

Aussie Kids Independent

Monday, June 12th, 2006

Two Australian kids drove their family car for nearly 100 km to visit their grandfather, police said Monday. The brothers, aged ten and six years, drove the car from their home at Boggabilla in northern New South Wales state to Moree, more than 100 km away, Sunday. They reached speeds of 90 km per hour on one of Australia’s busiest heavy transport routes.

Passing truck drivers saw the young faces behind the wheel and called the police. The boys had travelled about 85 km before police stopped them. They pulled over and immediately jumped into their normal places in the back seat. 'They're only kids, I guess they thought that would work' said a police officer.

The tearful pair was taken to Moree police station where police admonished them before they were united with their grandfather. 'The boy now understands that he isn't to drive until he's old enough to get a license' said a police spokeman.

The remarkable thing about it of course is that it was only the young face behind the wheel which attracted any attention. The boy wasn't driving erratically or in any noticably bad way, so there was nothing to attract the police's attention. Of course, when he is old enough to get a licence he'll attract all the attention police can spare, on the general principal that anyone under 25 with the cheek to have a drivers licence, especially if he drives with a girl or two in the car, must automatically be waiting until the police disappear around the corner so he can do doughnuts, leave rubber all over the road, turn the music up to 500 decibels, knock down 2 dozen beers and a few joints and ram-raid a couple of ATM's before hit-and-running old grannies (who, lets face it, should be home in bed anyway). And of course, woe betide ANY driver with the gall to be out after midnight. That's just asking to be booked for something!

Ah, the upright guardians of our society, ever vigilant on behalf of… whom, exactly!?

Police too busy watching soccer match to catch robbers

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