Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Identity Crisis

And now must we turn our own prophesying unto ourselves, for verily, we have become the Intel Users, and lo, we shall be cast out for the taking thereof. For that great whore, Babylon, shall rise up in a new version called Vista, and the children of Mac shall install it for a laugh; but though the fruit of the Mac be sweet and that of Vista foul, yet still hath the Mac no part of itself installed called Solitaire, and the children of Jobs shall be tempted once, twice and seven times seven times to partake, and they shall forget from whence they came, and Solitaire shall rule their hearts. And their chant of oh-sex, oh-sex, oh-sex shall be heard no more. And Babylon shall produce more Service Packs, and the children of the Apple, the sons of Jobs, shall be lost forever.

But there shall arise at that time a man, who shall lead the children back to the Promised System, and the Vic-20 shall once more rule.

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