Saturday, July 01, 2006

No Dams!

Water exists to run free - to fly amongst the clouds as vapour, or to plunge into a rapid stream and frolic its way to join the rest of its kind in the oceans, or perhaps take a more sedate pace as part of a great migrating river. But the sad truth is that all across Australia, millions of litres of water are being held prisoner. In dams hidden down in the farm valleys, in corrugated tanks tucked out of sight behind houses, even in bottles, locked in refrigerated chests. Some water is tortured by being made to wash away human sewerage, or by being frozen in special trays until it turns solid. In industrial areas, humans attempt to poison the waters with chemical waste, and country-wide, humans actually ingest the peaceful liquids. The time has come to put a stop to this sadistic torture and to return the water to the wild. This is why WaterPeace is embarking on a campaign of dynamiting dams wherever and whenever it finds them. You can help the cause, too. Whenever you see water being contained, free it. Remove the lids from bottles, blow up dams, and swear that from today, you will not drink any more. The waters cannot do it themselves. They need your help!

Here lies the body of Willie Smith,
the boy who, alas, is no more;
He thought what he drank was H2O
But it was H2SO4!

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