Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ogle Beta Announced

Click on the picture above for a better view

The guys at Ogle have finally acknowledged what everyone really uses ImageSearch for. Its still in the beta stage of course (what Ogle service isn't?) but we've got a snapshot of the main screen here, which as you can see doesn't differ much from the standard ImageSearch. Also announced were replacements to the "Did you mean…" algorithms when you type something wrongly. In future, instead of suggesting something, Ogle will automatically forward you to Cookies will keep track of how many typing mistakes you make, and if you reach a yet-to-be-determined threshold, your IP will be banned from Ogle until you have reached a competent standard in OgleLearnToTypeYouMoron, soon to be released as well. Don't forget to check out GoodleNews, the news service which only lists good news.

Goodle News - news with only the good stories included

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