Sunday, June 25, 2006

Message in a Bottle

I went for a walk along Cliché Beach this afternoon and was lucky enough to find a bottle with a message in it! The note inside read…

Hello, this is Harold Holt, the Australian Prime Minister who disappeared without a trace when I went swimming at Cheviot Beach in 1967. I wasn't kidnapped by aliens or smuggled aboard a Chinese submarine, I accidentally fell down a deep hole in the floor of the ocean and couldn't find my way up again because the Liberal Party didn't have a Policy on it. I have been trapped down here in the middle of the earth for almost 40 years. Can you please tell those Russian guys who were digging a really really really deep hole to hurry up a bit as I can't hold my breath for much longer. When I get out can I please be Prime Minister still, only I never resigned you know so its not fair someone else doing it while I was otherwise occupied, that's cheating that is. If there is someone else who thinks he is Prime Minister I will meet him and his friends behind the changerooms after Parliament and sort it out man to man.

The Harold Holt mystery
Deep hole project

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