Friday, August 04, 2006

New Lux Maps

Today I submitted Fullerenes to the Lux map testing Lab. Its quite possibly the most difficult map I've made to date, requiring the player to wrap his/her mind around the 3D nature of the sphere or else risk being invaded from above or below when they were least expecting it. Coming next week is a map I created today, Penguin Paintball, in sympathy with the fact that here is Tassie over the last week we've had particularly cold weather, dropping down to -2 or -3 degrees some nights (that's Celcius of course, you Yanks). Penguin Paintball is a lot of fun to play, though still a challenge. And in the works, for release sometime in the next month, is a comprehensive 'visual guide' style tutorial in PDF format showing how to use Photoshop and Lux to create maps with good quality graphics even if you think you don't know a thing about Photoshop. Called Islands in the Stream, look out for it.

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