Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bad Week

It hasn't been a good week for me. Last week I bought a new scarf, and had to take it back on Monday because it was too tight. I was on my way up to the department I bought it from when the storm caused a power failure, and I was stuck on the escalator for over an hour, and then when I finally finished, I found I had locked my keys in the car! By the time the locksmith got there the interior of the car was ruined because I'd left the top down when I parked it.

On Tuesday I got fired from my job at the pharmacy because I didn't print the labels properly - hellooo, the bottles don't fit in the typewriter – and someone almost died because I didn't call 9-11 quick enough, the boss said. Well excuse me, but I was running everywhere looking for a phone with an 'eleven' key on it!

So I got all depressed and went home to do some cooking, but I burned the lettuce. I tried making jello but its just impossible, 6-8 cups of water won't fit in that little packet. I gave up and went and bought myself some M&M's, then was really annoyed because they're supposed to have a cute little 'M' printed on them but some had 'W', some '3', some 'E'! I hate eating them anyway because it takes me hours to peel them all. In the middle of that job, some radio quiz guy rang and said I'd win $1,000 if I knew the capital of Australia, so straight away I said 'A' but he wouldn't give me the prize.

On Wednesday I decided activity was the answer to my depression and went water-skiing, but I couldn't find a lake with a slope. At the last lake I tried, they had a swimming competition on so I entered the breast-stroke. I finished way behind everyone else but they all cheated and used their arms as well. Really depressed now, I went home and got the jigsaw I've been working on for six months from out of the cupboard, and finished it! I was really proud because the box said '3-5 years'!

Finally, on Thursday, I took the baked turkey out of the oven that I've had in there cooking for 5 days - and it was burned to a cinder! I can't understand it, the instructions said 1 hour per pound, and I weigh 111 pounds...

(Thanks Blondie)
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