Sunday, August 06, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home. It doesn't matter how long you are away, or how enjoyable the trip, there's always that feeling when you get home - your own things, the pillows the way you like them, the predictability of your familiar shower, pictures on the walls you chose, and of course the best part of arriving home after a trip, being able to throw everything in a big pile in the lounge and leave it there until you can be bothered doing something about it. Tonight we arrived back from our weekend trip to Hobart, very tired from packing everything into a quick two day visit. There's plenty to see and do down the south end of the state, but a lot of it suffers from that very common Tasmanian disease, Overcharge-and-Underwhelm. Among a lot of Tasmanian tourist attractions the attitude seems to be that tourists have an absolute fortune and can't wait to spend it, and we're not going to interrupt our TV watching or talking to a mate on the phone for any longer than necessary, ie long enough to grab the money and point the way to the entrance. But not all family-friendly activities break the bank. Among those which the budget-careful tourist should take in are Salamanca Market, the Shot Tower at Taroona, Russell Falls and Mount Field National Park, and the imaginatively-named Putters Mini-Golf course.

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