Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Long Way

If you want to do a road trip all the way around Australia but you're worried about the rising price of fuel, here's a handy tip - the trip is almost 1 km shorter if you drive around Australia anti-clockwise than if you drive clockwise. It takes a bit of lateral thinking but most people can work out how and why fairly quickly. Just in case you're having an off day though, I'll post the answer in Comments to this post.

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Ricklionhart said...

We drive on the left-hand side in Australia. If you think of the entire continent as an athletic track with no lane changes allowed, you can see that going clockwise uses the outer track whereas going anti-clockwise uses the inner track, which is shorter.

If you want to get really technical about it, prevailing winds will also give you a boost if you go anti-clockwise, whereas clockwise you'll encounter stronger wind resistance. This won't change the distance but even if you were using the same 'track' in both directions, you'd use less fuel going anti-clockwise.