Thursday, December 28, 2006

Microsoft Never Fails… to Fail

Just 4 weeks after it's release, security flaws have been discovered in Windows Vista. The Big M spent 5+ years developing it, and released it 2 years(!) late. In fact, according to an article in The Australian newspaper, it's the first major upgrade since Windows 95, 11 whole years ago! And what do they have to say about the problem? "Well, sure it's there, but there aren't any nasty programs taking advantage of it… yet… Oh, and Explorer has a few security holes in it as well, sorry about that". Still, Mike Reavey, operations manager at Microsoft's Security Response Centre, isn't worried… "Windows Vista is our most secure platform to date." Well, since Windows has some 114,000 viruses so far, versus the Mac platform's… er… has anyone found any yet?… I wouldn't be too proud of that, Mike.

I use both platforms, so let me say it straight from a real-world side-by-side user: Get a life and get a Mac. Once you've gone Mac you'll never go back. Well, hardly ever anyway.

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Doop said...

That sounds about right for Microsoft and yet so many poor fools around the world still choose to use their platform rather than the beautifully simple and very reliable Mac platform. I also use both Windows and Mac for work but in my experience Macs are much more user friendly.