Saturday, December 23, 2006

Evil Santa's Site

Admit it - like me, you always thought the "Nice Old Do-Good Man in a Red Suit" cover-story was a bit suspect, and Santa was actually up to no good at all! Check out the website at Letters from Bad Santa for form letters, unusual gifts, etc. And on a more serious note, don't over-eat, don't over-argue and don't whatever you do drink and drive. See you again after the X-bomb fallout settles!

Or for something a bit more family-friendly, take the kids to NORAD Tracks Santa so they can see how amazingly technologically advanced the good-ol' US of A is, and how even though they're pretending to track good old Santa, those same technologies are what makes them God's Own Nation! Yes, combining myth, religious dogma, and killing machines in a form kids can relate to and learn to love - now that's the real Christmas spirit.

And for all us poor bloggers, stuck "out there" in cyberspace, what would Christmas be without a reply from Santa to the letter we sent him a few weeks ago?

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