Wednesday, November 15, 2006

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Quite a few years ago, I bought Apple G3 'Wall St' laptops for my kids. They had a lot of fun with them, and then the power supplies packed it in on both of them. Every now and then I sourced replacement power supplies, but they were so expensive in relation to the decreasing value of the computers that they just weren't worth buying. That is, until yesterday, when I thought 'hang the expense' and ordered one from a supplier I found on the web -

I ordered the replacement power supply from them yesterday at 3:17 pm. It came, from another state of Australia, in this morning's mail. That's damn good service by any account, but when you consider that I had previously sourced the power supplies elsewhere at $135 plus $15 freight, and that MobilePower charged me just $105 including freight, it's incredible. And did I mention that they supply power supplies for just about every brand and breed of laptop ever?

Let's sum it up with a score table:
Product Range = 10/10 Speed of Delivery = 10/10 Pricing = 10/10

What more could you ask for? Dust off your old laptops and head over to their website today - this is one company that really deserves your business. And thanks a heap, MobilePower. You can expect me to order another one for the second G3 laptop in the next month or so.

MobilePower's Website

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