Sunday, August 27, 2006

Maps Update

I'm running a bit behind with my new map for Lux this week. Last week, after talking it over with the Map Lab, I decided to change the name from 'Space Invaders', which may still be copyrighted, to 'Lux Invaders'. Because the name itself was changed, that meant the new map upload completely took the place of the first one and that put me 2 days behind normal schedule, so I can't upload 'USS Lionhart', which a lot of players are waiting anxiously for, until tomorrow or the next day, because only 1 upload per week is allowed. So be patient, folks, it's not far away. Meanwhile, here are a few more I've been working on which you'll be seeing in the Map Manager in the next few weeks:

1 comment:

SunTzu said...

Those maps look cool! I'm looking forward to playing them.

By the way, if you host your maps in network play, people who join your game can get the map, although without the theme.

If you make your theme available for download, people can install the graphics and play the map with the theme.