Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Explaining Lux

Yesterday's comments about Lux were answered by Mark Bauer, one of the MapLAB testing team. You can read the entire answer by clicking on the 'Comments' link to yesterday's article, but for those who don't bother, here are the main points:

SillySoft is a small company, and thus the MapLAB was formed, made up of unpaid volunteers independent of SillySoft. Their main task is not to eliminate maps but to test for bugs; once there were many hence the insistence on time and quality by instituting the one-per-week rule. EVERY map for Lux was made by a user. ALL the maps ever submitted can be accessed in the Plugin Manager by entering /set showAllMaps (join an internet game as a guest and then type it into the chat bit at the bottom). The rating system means nothing. Make maps that you enjoy and want to play, because the point the of Lux and the point of map making, is not to be on the top of a heap, it's to have fun.

Yes, I agree, the main criticism I had was that maps could be lost to users on the whim of a few map testers, and that is totally negated by the /set showAllMaps command which allows you to see everything. I should also perhaps mention something else: in all of my contacts with the Lux forums or via email so far, I've received replies within hours. This is in sharp contrast to many companies or forums where posts are ignored or flamed, where questions elicit not meaningful answers but comments like 'ya nOOb ur oWnEd'. Mark reckons Lux's main strength is that the users create all the maps; I would make that half the main strength, the other half being a user community which accepts new users quickly and helpfully. In my other posts re Lux I was quite picky and bordering on uncomplimentary; when you slap someone they can respond in two ways - fight back, or turn the other cheek. Lux and its users were put to the test by me in the last couple of days, and passed with flying colors.

So get out there and buy Lux, and start making maps people. We want these MapLAB testers to be so busy their girlfriends leave them. If taking over the world is fun, then taking over a thousand worlds will be a blast!

Lux maps

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